Bailey Kay Hutson Exceptional Rodeo and Bull Ride – 2018

Yesterday I attended the bull riding event at the Ranch Park in Dripping Springs. It was a great event, one that I would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys rodeos and western riding. The cowboys, riders and other performers were amazing to watch. These events are unique because the skills used are skills learned from their work – from the things they do in their day to day jobs. This is real, and these men, women and animals are an integral part of what makes America the great place that it is. I hope this never goes away – and, thankfully, as long as we still want to eat, ranches and cowboys will probably always be a part of our lives – thank you, God!

To me, this event wasn’t about who won or lost, or who rode best, or any of that. It was about the experience of being among the animals and cowboys. The Ranch Park was alive yesterday – alive with the excitement of bull riding!

I can’t wait for next year’s event!

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