UT vs. Texas State Ice Hockey

Last night I attended the Texas State hockey game against The University of Texas. Being a northerner all my life (until the last few years) I’ve seen my fair share of hockey. Last night’s game was a great game! I was impressed with the skill of these players – and I could see in them a love for the game of hockey.

The score was 2-1 UT at the first intermission, and UT ended up winning 5-3, but the final score isn’t a good representation of how tight this game was. Texas State had several players out with injuries, but regardless of circumstances, both teams played with heart and drive, and a never give up attitude. They played good hockey last night, and Texas State had great fan support!

I’ve been a little “hockey starved” since moving to Texas, and I truly enjoyed this game!

This is good hockey, deep in the heart of Texas!