CAQHA Horse Show

Last Saturday (June 13, 2020), I attended the Capitol Area Quarter Horse Association horse show in Dripping Springs, Texas. If you love horses, like I do, you would have found this show amazing. But, it’s not only about the horses. I loved watching the unique bond each rider has with his or her horse. I love seeing how a horse and a rider can work together to accomplish amazing things. A great deal of the competition reflects what riders must do every day on their ranch, and it’s not easy. There are still many ranches near my home in central Texas. Unfortunately, I see way too often, when cities expand and suburbs grow, the ranches disappear. Texas still has lots of space, and I’m just thankful that God is good, and He brought me to Texas where I can still experience people who love ranching, and who love horses!

Here’s a few photos from the show – just some highlights of the competition. If you want more information about CAQHA and all they do, please visit their website:, or visit them on Facebook.