Texas Beef Initiative Team Roping

Today I attended a team roping event at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park (have I said how privileged I feel to live so close to such a fantastic facility?) and I have to say it was very exciting. I am always impressed at the skill these riders have, and how they have a special bond with their horses, and today was no different. Very amazing to see – and this group has a pretty amazing story as well. The Texas Beef Initiative actually donates beef to local area food banks to help provide food for those in need around us!

I’ve provided a link above or navigate to http://www.donatebeef.org to learn more about the good they do in our community helping those in need.

Also, check out what else is happening at the Ranch Park in Dripping Springs on their website: www.drippingspringsranchpark.com or their Facebook page.

I’ve seen individual roping at rodeos, but team roping is where 2 cowboys work together to rope cattle. The first rider lassos the head/horns, and the second attempts to snag the back leg with his rope (at least that’s what appeared to be happening to a novice like me). One rider can easily handle a calf, but for larger cattle, the team makes things easier. Here are some photos of the exciting action today.

If you’re ever in Dripping Springs, and you see horse trailers parked at the Ranch Park, you can bet something like this is going on inside. Or, better yet, check the Ranch Park calendar and plan to come out some weekend to catch something unique to Texas! And, if you can support the Texas Beef Initiative, please do – you’ll be helping to feed our neighbors in need.

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