Varsity Football: Shiner @ Blanco

Nov 5, 2020 – Last night’s game in Blanco, although it started out close, turned out to be a pretty big blow out for Shiner. The final score was 69-20 in favor of the Comanches. Blanco played hard and kept things close in the first half, but Shiner just wore down the Panthers, and they could never catch up.

It was a good game though. Both teams played hard, and Blanco never gave up. Shiner just had too many weapons.

Here are some photos from last night’s game.

Varsity Football: Canyon Lake @ Wimberley

Aug 29, 2020 – Friday night’s game between Canyon Lake and Wimberley was a fun game, not only because of the good football, but because I wasn’t sure we’d ever be able to go to a football game again!

The game started out a bit slow, and went into half time with Canyon Lake leading 14-7. Wimberley came alive in the 2nd half, though. They scored 14 points in the final quarter and went on to win, 24-22. Great game Texans, and great comeback!

Here are a few shots from the game.

CAQHA Horse Show

Last Saturday (June 13, 2020), I attended the Capitol Area Quarter Horse Association horse show in Dripping Springs, Texas. If you love horses, like I do, you would have found this show amazing. But, it’s not only about the horses. I loved watching the unique bond each rider has with his or her horse. I love seeing how a horse and a rider can work together to accomplish amazing things. A great deal of the competition reflects what riders must do every day on their ranch, and it’s not easy. There are still many ranches near my home in central Texas. Unfortunately, I see way too often, when cities expand and suburbs grow, the ranches disappear. Texas still has lots of space, and I’m just thankful that God is good, and He brought me to Texas where I can still experience people who love ranching, and who love horses!

Here’s a few photos from the show – just some highlights of the competition. If you want more information about CAQHA and all they do, please visit their website:, or visit them on Facebook.

Boys Varsity Basketball: Dripping Springs vs Crockett

Feb 18, 2020 – In tonight’s game, Dripping Springs controlled the tempo for most of the game. Dripping Springs won by the score 52-39, but it was much closer for most of the game.

Here’s some photos from tonight’s game.

Girls Varsity Basketball: Dripping Springs vs Boerne Champion

Feb 17, 2020 – Tonight’s game had more intensity and physical play than most games I’ve been to – boys or girls. It was a draining, defensive battle for the entire 32 minutes of play. And I have to say, for most of the game it was so close, I had no idea who would win.

Dripping Springs took the lead in the first half, and led at half time 26-16. In the second half, Boerne played with a bit more passion, and little by little, inched back into the game. By the 4th period, Boerne had fought back to within 7, 30-23. With 2 and a half minutes left, Boerne narrowed the margin to 2, 34-32. With 59 seconds left in the game, the score was 38-36 as Dripping Springs struggled to maintain the lead.

Their defense would hold Dripping Springs to only 12 points in the second half, clawing their way back to win by the narrowest of margins. The final score was Dripping Springs 38, Boerne Champion 39.

Congratulations to the Boerne Champion Girls Basketball team for an impressive win tonight, and to their credit, they never gave up.

Here’s some photos of tonight’s action.

Boys Varsity Basketball: Dripping Springs vs McCallum

Feb 7, 2020 – Tonight’s game was full of action, and both teams played with intensity. Dripping Springs led for most of the game, and although McCallum tried to use their 3 point shooting and a full court press in the 4th period to catch up, they still came up short. The final score was Dripping Springs 50, McCallum 35.

Here’s a few shots of the action.

Girls Varsity Basketball: Dripping Springs vs Crockett

Jan 24, 2020 – Tonight’s game was an offensive and defensive display of might by Dripping Springs. Crockett played hard, but was just no match for the Lady Tigers.

The final score had Dripping Springs winning 65-35.

Here’s some photos of the action:

Boys Varsity Soccer: Dripping Springs vs Marble Falls

Jan, 14, 2020 – Tonight’s game was an intense contest between two very good teams. In the end, Dripping Springs’ explosive offense was too much for Marble Falls. Dripping Springs came out on top by a score of 3-0.

Here are some photos of tonight’s action.

Boys Varsity Soccer: Dripping Springs vs. Temple

Jan 11, 2020 – Today was the last day of the Dripping Springs Invitational Tournament, and I was fortunate to catch the action of Dripping Springs vs. Temple. This was a very tight game until the very end. Temple scored first, but Dripping Springs tied it up early in the second half and it stayed tied for many minutes. Finally Temple scored to take the lead, and go on to win the game.

Although the scoreboard said Temple won this game 2-1, the action was intense on both sides. Both teams played great soccer. One team had to win (technically, I guess they could have tied) and Temple was one goal better today.

Here’s some shots from the game. Enjoy browsing some of the action.

Boys Varsity Football: Dripping Springs vs. Seguin

Oct 25, 2019 – Friday night’s game between Dripping Springs and Seguin was an exciting, action filled game – that, until the 4th quarter, was very close.

Dripping Springs, playing at home, defeated Seguin by a score of 66-28. This is my first Varsity football game since moving to Texas, and I have to say, Texas football is like no other!

Here’s some photos from Friday night’s action.